Sharia and Jihad Updates

The war for human-rights has many fronts, these would include gay and womans rights as well.

Are there really places where rape is acceptable?

Are there really places where gay people are publicly tortured and/or killed?

This is the forefront of the battle for human-rights. Its happening everywhere.

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Talks of Sexual Assault by Muslim Pro-Democracy Mob

When your authorities are the ones calling for your head because you offended the imams– who do you turn to?

Gaddafi’s Forces Using Rape as a Weapon of War

AFP: West battles to keep Syria off Human Rights Council

OH NO CANADA! Montreal Mosque is a ‘top Al-QAEDA recruiting headquarters’ « Bare Naked Islam

Ethiopia: Muslims beat evangelist to death, assault his pregnant wife – Jihad Watch

PAKISTAN Anti-Christian violence in Punjab, young woman raped, Protestant pastor attacked – Asia News

NIGERIA: Charred Christian corpses line the roads after Muslims go wilding

Somalia: 21 Yr old Christian Executed for Converting from Islam

The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs’

Thirteen Muslims Acquitted of Publicly Gang-Raping Mukhtaran Mai in Pakistan

Muslims Throw Their Women Overboard Overcrowded Refugee Boats Enroute to Europe

No Outrage When Muslims Burn Bibles in Ottawa

(Video) Whats wrong with Sharia?

Woman and gays targeted in London – Sharia in London

Pro Sharia protests in Jordan

ASIA/PAKISTAN victims of forced conversions to Islam, rapes and forced marriages

Stealth Jihad in America

Sharia – The goal of Terrorism.

(Video) Stealth Jihad and the muslim Brotherhood

(video) A look at Pakistani blasphemy laws—-destroying-one-quran-or-destroying-many-christians.html

British tourist arrested for swearing beaten to death in Dubai police station

Wave of attacks against Christians throughout the Muslim world.


About boxnbeyond
I feel compelled to act on what I see as truth, specifically 'Live and let live', the only thing I cannot tolerate is lack of tolerance. I hope to add a drop to the ocean of awareness, the first step to change. The world CAN get better in our lifetime.

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